RUSSI (Ravenna)

Township Territory

Rusi has got a surface of 45,84 square kilometres and an average altitude of 13 metres on sea level.
The inhabitants, hamlets included, were 10.622 (6380 in Russi, 1911 in Godo-Cortina, 1721 in San Pancrazio and 610 in Pezzolo-Chiesuola-Prada) in date 31.12.1996.
Russi bornersnorth-west with Ravenna, south-west with Faenza and north-west with Cotignola, Bagnacavallo and the river Lamone.
It is a flat area, of alluvial origin, in the centre of Romagna, almost at the same distance from Ravenna, Faenza, Lugo and Forlì and via S. Vitale.

territorio provinciale

Russi is twinned with saluggia (VC) since 1995 and with Bopfingen (Baden Wurttemberg - Deutschland) since 1996.